Nov 2, 2012

Roommates Assemble! Or Disassemble…Whatever.

The Roommate is out of town for a few days.

This means that I have to pull all my “living alone” skills out of corner of the attic where I’ve been keeping them since she came along.  I’m listening to music without headphones and without guilt. I’m back to saying “hello” and “good-bye” to my apartment when I come and go. I’m vacillating between frozen dinners or an overly elaborate crock-pot stew for the weekend. I’ve got a new audiobook for doing dishes to. Heck, I’m even going to do the dishes.

Last time the Roommate was gone for a few days, she went to ComicCon. Not to be outdone superhero-wise, I invited the Cap and Thor to hang out here with me. I’ve recorded our activities here for posterity.


Thor said the stringy Swiss cheese reminded him of his flowing locks. Cap insisted on calling it “freedom onion soup.”


Captain America believes in safety first. Thor believes our roads “lack pizzazz.”


I had no idea Mjølner was so good for pressing difficult collars.


 Thor said that weather-controlling demigods don’t need to wear dish-washing gloves. This kind of hurt Cap’s feelings.


The pizza, of course, made our strict fitness regimen all the more important.





  • Ha ha ha. You start my morning out right. Thanks.

    • No no, thank you. 🙂

  • I would have stuck those two in the bathroom shower and told them to have at it!

  • You make living alone seem very, very exciting.

    • One must do what one can.

  • Too funny! What a great way to end the night.

  • You and Cap and Thor and this are all simply too cute for modern vernacular.

  • I was going to make a joke like “This post, I like it. ANOTHER!” but you already appropriated that classic moment.

    So I’ll just say there is only one Roommate, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure Cap and Thor aren’t her.

    I don’t know. It’s all I’ve got right now.

  • This is my favorite. You are my favorite. I don’t know why I didn’t see this before. The end.

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