Jul 8, 2011

Quiet Night on Diagon Alley

Wizarding tshirts

I usually describe my relationship with Harry Potter like this:  I went to the midnight book-release parties, but I didn’t dress up.

What I mean here is, I really like Harry Potter. I grew up with him. I started reading the series just as book two came out, and I read them all faithfully. Some of them four times.

However, to answer the question that my friend the imaginary P.G. Wodehouse character asked me on Twitter: No. I am not really a Harry Potter fangirl. (However, imaginary P.G. Wodehouse character, can you say irony-much?)

What I am is someone who loves books, and loves when people are excited about books, so I have loved being able to watch the HP excitement over the years. And participate whenever I can. I decided a few years ago that I can either stifle my excitement, feign boredom and let opportunities pass me by in the hopes of looking, I don’t know, cool? Or I could be myself and jump at the chance to have fun when it presents itself.

So when Marianne asked me how I felt about going to a wizard rock show, I jumped accordingly.

The show was an outdoor show in Lincoln Square (one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods), and the wizard rock bands were Harry and the Potters and Diagon Alley. (That’s right. There is more than one Harry Potter tribute band.) I ended up there with Marianne and Marc, and my dear Lorraineo and her roommate met us there.

Now, even with my vows to be open-minded about these sorts of adventures, I was skeptical. I had only ever heard Harry and the Potters once, and I’m not someone who goes to shows, and I do still have that little niggling feeling of “Um, this is a Harry and the Potters tribute band, and you might end up looking silly” that bothers me sometimes.

Once again, I was reminded that that niggling feeling needs to be ignored at all costs. Seriously. Harry Potter. He sang. He climbed trees. There were children dancing and middle-schoolers wearing Luna Lovegood glasses. I bought a “ride the lightning” tshirt. So anyway, I guess this will be a continuing process, this whole “let go and have fun and enjoy yourself and stop freaking out over what people might think” thing. So I’m going to work on that, because life is so much more fun when I don’t stifle. In the mean time, you bet your shrieking mandrakes that I’m going to be at the midnight premiere of 7.2.

Marianne and I with Harry Potter. The power of love will keep us together forever.



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