Jun 15, 2011

This is Why I Don’t Blog

Id: I’m hungry.

Ego: Just remember, you have to blog over lunch. You put it off yesterday and the day before that.

Id: But I want to run around and yell!

Ego: Jesse, be a grown up.

Id: Blogging isn’t grown-up. Babies blog. I want to run around and yell!

Ego: Jesse. Seriously. You’re not allowed to go to lunch if you don’t blog.

Id: You’re not the boss of me. I know where you put my lunch.

Ego: OK, if you can think of a realllllly good reason not to blog, then you can have your lunch. But you can’t run around and yell.

Id: Twitter!

Super-ego: I LOVE TWITTER!

And then we go eat lunch and we don’t blog, we run around and yell and look at Twitter.



  • Lol, sounds entirely too familiar… The pushing it off part, not the running around and yelling. I’m much too grown up for THAT. 🙂

  • this is also why you should blog.

  • I really like how it’s your super-ego that loves twitter. Also the part where your ego lets you off the hook if you have a realllllly good reason not to blog. Not that I can identify. I mean, mostly I am sitting here judging you because I so completely do not identify. The part of me that is not judging you is working on my dissertation and doing other mature, responsible things. (Second half of this comment brought to you by Opposite Day.)

  • Does Id stand for Jesse, and Ego stand for Melissa, and Super Ego stand for Elizabeth?

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