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Mar 1, 2011

Marching On

Taken from Monika Thorpe's Flickr stream. As everyone knows, March is the best time of the entire calendar year. You may think I’m a little biased since my birthday falls in the middle of March, and you may be right. But before you dismiss me entirely, allow me to explain.

In semi-chronological order:

The Top Nine Reasons Why March is the Best Time of the Year

1. Shamrock Shakes

Shamrock Shakes are an American institution. They’re one of the great holiday traditions, like stockings at Christmas or black nail polish on Valentine’s Day. My sisters tried to go our for Shamrock Shakes in February, but I refused. That would be like drinking eggnog on Halloween. In other words, an abomination.

2. National Grammar Day

March 4th is National Grammar Day. What could possibly be better than an entire day spent cuddling punctuation marks and eating cookies frosted with parts of speech? I reccomend a reading of John McIntyre’s third annual grammar noir story. (This year’s is :The Wages of Syntax“.)  Or, if you’re short on time, check out some grammar poems. I plan to wear my ampersand earrings and split infinitives with impunity.

3. Spring Break

For most of the last 10 years, at least one Doogan sister has had her two-week spring break in the middle of March, over my birthday. This has made birthday celebrations much easier. It’s also made celebrating with classmates difficult, but that’s ok because I had two weeks off of school. This year, Spring Break will only be celebrated by one sister.

4. The Ides of March

My birthday is on March 15, also known as the Ides of March. Caesar was betrayed and murdered, and Shakespeare wrote a play about it. I win as far as most excellent days to be born. I can say things like “beware the ides of me”. Also, “eu tu birthday?”

5. My Birthday

Birthdays are treated as only slightly more important than national holidays in the Doogan household. They usually last for three days minimum. They start with the traditional Photo at Midnight, where we take a picture of the Birthday Girl (or Birthday Dad) turning their new age. (There are also the two traditional questions, one at about 11:59pm: “How old are you?” and one at 12:01am: “How old are you now?”. This late night leads into the early morning Birthday breakfast, where we eat off Nana’s china and Mom’s crystal and put candles in anything that will hold them. The rest of the day (or days) are spent according to the whims of the Birthdayee.

6. Chicago River Dyeing

Every year, they dye the Chicago River green for my birthday. I’ve never understood why they chose green, since my favorite color has been either purple, pink or mustard yellow. I imagine, though, that Chicago knows what it’s doing. My favorite color may end up green. Maybe Chicago is psychic. You never know.

7. St. Patrick’s Day

A national celebration of the Irish. I love the Irish. I’m technically a quarter Irish, but I’m from the south side of Chicago, so that adds at least three more quarters, depending on the time of year. However, I will not be wearing green this St. Patty’s Day. I’m Irish, but I’m a Protestant. I’ll be in orange, thankyouverymuch. Suggested activities: shepherd’s-pie eating, Darby-O’Gill watching, not-afraid-of-banshees being.

8. The First Day of Spring

Winter officially ends. I love winter, but even I get sick of it by the time my birthday rolls around. Time for spring, I say!

9. Tulips

By the time March ends, the tulips start to come up around Chicago. I love the tulips in Chicago. They’re one of my favorite things about the city.

10. First Iced Latte of Spring

In my younger, foolisher days, I had an official first warm latte of the year, and an official first iced latte of the year. It wasn’t an exact date or anything, but it was usually the first day I could go out without a coat, and the first day it started to smell like everything was waking up. Now I’m a little more liberal in my iced latte habits and drink them all year round, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my first iced latte of the year.

I’ve always thought these arguments compelling, but some say I’m biased.  So, help me out here. What’s your favorite part of March?