Feb 25, 2011

Audio Imaginary Jesus

It's amazing how he's imaginary and audible, isn't it? I’ve been over the Imaginary Jesus story maybe eight or nine times in the last year, but, confession, I’ve only actually read it once or twice.*

Most of my time with Imaginary Jesus has been spent with the audio book. I downloaded it from Christian Audio last summer, but I started listening to it after I moved out of my parents house. It’s been a pretty regular companion while I wash dishes or work on other projects. The book holds the distinction of being the only non-music that doesn’t get skipped when my iTunes is on random. Mikalatos narrates, and you know, when the author is also the main character, there’s something very fitting about hearing him read it himself.

I highly recommend checking out the audiobook. Especially if you don’t have a dishwasher. It really seems to make the whole process go smoother.

Christian Audio also happens to have a free MP3 download of an interview with Mikalatos, so you should definitely check that out. Free stuff is just my favorite.

Speaking of free, don’t forget to download a free copy of the ebook! You don’t need an ereader like a Kindle or a Nook or any other reader to read the ebook. You can read them on your PC, Mac, Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch, Blackberry, or Windows 7 phone.** Here’s the info for AmazonBarnes & Noble, Christian Book Distributors, and Sony. Let me know if you have any questions about the download process! I love to answer questions. It’s a hobby. 🙂

And, don’t forget to enter the contest to win a signed copy of Imaginary Jesus. I’ll announce the winner at around 4:30pm Central time, so you have until then to enter. Don’t forget, the more places you share a link, the more chances you have to win. Just make sure to tell me where you shared so I can count it.

I’m off to wash more dishes. Good thing I’ve got something to listen to…

*But, hey, twice in one year isn’t shabby.  That hasn’t happened since, what, Little Women? I’m also going to say that this is the only time that Imaginary Jesus has ever been compared to Little Women.

**Nothing yet for Palm or WebOS devices. Believe me, it breaks my heart just as much as it breaks yours.


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