Feb 8, 2011

All I Need Now is the Fedora

Ready for imbument.When I was in junior high, my parents took me to Wheaton College to see C.S. Lewis’s wardrobe. This was…magical. I packed all seven Narnia books to read on the two hour drive. (Not that I finished them in that time. I just had them to hold.)

The museum wasn’t dedicated to just C.S. Lewis. There were also artifacts from the rest of the Inklings, Lewis’ cronies, including J.R.R. Tolkein. There, in that little room, was Tolkein’s desk. Now, the wardrobe was great. It was the gateway to Narnia. You can’t really beat that. But this, this was Tolkein’s desk. This was a whole nother kind of gateway. This was where he wrote all those books. That desk must have absorbed something from its time with Tolkein, become imbued with hobbity magic. What a shame that all that potential is locked up in a museum, never to be used again.

I realized then that I needed a desk. Something that would inspire me to write billion-page epics, and could then sit in a museum as proof.

That was about 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve had a few desks (not the least of which was  a Victorian-style travel desk with a brass key that my parents gave me for my 14th birthday) but I haven’t had a Desk. You know, the imbued kind.

So, when I moved in to my new little apartment, I knew what one of my first priorities needed to be.

Ta DA!(I apologize for the crappy quality of this photo. I left my camera at work. I’m sure you can forgive me.)

Doesn’t this desk just cry Golden Age of Publishing? Don’t you just need a martini? And a fedora? And a Girl Friday?!

I found this it at Jubilee, which has to be the best furniture thrift store in the Midwest. You should go.

The desk chair in the first photo was, believe it or not, was a separate Craigslist find. It matches the desk perfectly. My magic desk is obviously blessed as well as imbued.

Now a quick tour:

First, you’ll notice the print which hangs above my desk. This is to provide mood and inspiration. Obviously.

Probably MelvilleI was on Etsy looking for cephalopod prints. (What home is complete without one?) I found this one, but when I looked around the shop, I knew I had to have Portrait of a Girl Reading a Book. It was painted by a librarian who does watercolors on the side. She sent this card along with it, which makes everything even more adorable. You need to to look at her shop, DomesticIcing. You can go now, if you’d like. I’ll wait if you promise to bring back a present.

You back? Ok.

If you lower your gaze just a bit, you’ll see the right-hand corner of my dear desk. This is where I keep my dictionaries, the afore-mentioned travel desk, and MYSTERY.

The MYSTERY sign is from my family’s favorite independent book store, Treehouse Books. We were there just weeks before the store closed permanently, and they were selling off their fixtures.  My family has lots of good memories at that store, and I like the idea of keeping a piece of it close.

The globe is a prop from my yearbook. (The yearbook is the fourth book from the left. I don’t like to let it out of my sight for too long. You wouldn’t either. It’s pretty. I’ll let you hold one if you want.) A professor was cleaning out their office, and gave the globe away.

Just you turn a little to the left, and you’ll see my lamp. That’s all I have to say about that. You’ll also see the Cord of Three Strands picture that my little sister made for my older sister and I when we left for our respective places of higher learning.

This lamp has the right to remain silent. Allow me to direct your attention to my snail-shaped ink wells and my fountain pen. I was a nerdier junior higher than you were, and these are the things that I requested for Christmas and birthdays. But it works out, because look how spiffy my desk is now! Oh, and that’s my grandma’s stapler, which doubles as a bludgeon, and my Mini Cooper, which I will someday embiggen and then drive around town.

So that’s my desk. Now I need to get to work imbuing.

Where do you write? Do you need a fancy place full of “inspiration”, or can you write any old place?

Oh, actually, I have another question for you now that you’ve seen some of my apartment. I need a name for the place. You know, like the Nookery or the Rookery or the Snuggery or Somethingery. Have any suggestions? I have a gift card to someplace bookish for the person who comes up with the best name.



  • In reference to a name for your new apartment. I reflected on a sermon we had on Sunday. When the Lord told Elijah to go and hide at Kerith Brook, or sometimes written Cherith Brook…and he did, and he was there for over 3 1/2 years. This is a time when he was the closest to God. Sometimes we are brought to secluded places (.ie times) and that is when we are closest to God. So you could call your apartment: Cherith Brook, or Kerith Brook. Then when you are writing at your new desk, (which by the way I absolutely love!….especially the chair!) you will be in your private seclusion at your Cherith Brook! Just a thought! 🙂

  • I’d like to submit this name idea for your apartment:

    The Magnificent Cave

    On the subtle side, yes, but how cool would it be, when asked “Where are you going?” to respond with, “I’m going to The Magnificent Cave” every time you’re going home?

    Or, if you’d prefer something a little more European…Cave Magnifique?

    Yay for posts about writing spaces. 🙂

  • Here’s the thing, you haven’t given me a bed yet. You need to get me a bed and maybe a mini desk and then your apartment will be complete. I feel it. I love it so far, though. I showed my roommate and she now wants to 1. start reading your blog regularly and, 2. visit.

    (That’s classier than ‘good job.’)

  • I am so jealous. I want a nook far from the Beast of Revelation, otherwise known as the TV. If I get my own apartment with my own desk, will people talk?
    Anyway, Laura has a good idea. I like Kerith Brook. I think you need a fedora and a cigarette or cigar. The two go hand in hand. Fedoras and a smoke, that is. And sometimes Scotch on the rocks, but don’t tell anyone I said that. People will talk.

  • I love it – the desk is so perfectly you.

    I suggest you name your abode Cair Paravel . I’m proposing this name for several reasons:

    1. Calling the apartment Cair Paravel implies that you are royalty of one kind or another.
    2. I always imagined that you had to climb a lot of steep, ominous staircases to get inside Cair Paravel.
    3. Cair Paravel is just like your home because it sits right on the edge of Narnia. It’s arguably the most important part of Narnia, and acts as a gateway for those who wish to visit.
    4. The name Reepicheep is already taken, as it is being reserved for your firstborn child.

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  • I’ll post my texts to you for other opinons
    Pen-ature Place
    OBVIOUSLY the “pen” suggestions……

    More to follow with other themes!

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