Feb 9, 2011

Can’t Very Well Call It “It”

Awww...cozy. Have I mentioned yet that the comments on this blog are the best part?

Yesterday, I asked for suggestions on what to name my little apartment. I love all the suggestions. And now I want more. 🙂

Here are the suggestions from yesterday:

Heather suggested “The Magnificent Cave”, so that every time someone asks me where I’m headed, I could say, “I’m off to The Magnificent Cave!” I’m definitely going to need a cape if I go with this one.

Lorraineo said “Cair Paravel”, since I’m so close to the gateway to Narnia that I answer the phone, “good morning, this is Jesse, Daughter of Eve”. However, as Lorraineo pointed out, I’ve already promised to name my firstborn Reepicheep, and it might be overkill to name everything after C.S. Lewis.

My favorite name so far is Laura Rot’s suggestion, Cherith Brook. I like the idea of being sent away to a place of solitude and nourishment very much, and I want to do some research on this one.

I’m still looking, though. I think I get nervous about the permanence of naming something. Makes me nervous. So, here’s what I’m looking for in a name: something cozy and small, something with a sense of humor, something that I’ll want to keep around for a while. Oh, and it can’t be from Jane Austin, because my home isn’t that grand and she’s just never been my favorite. Sue me. And it can’t be from Tolkein, because I grew up in Rivendell Cottage, and that’d be copying.I think those are my only caveats.

I’m thinking I’ll give a $10 gift card to the bookstore of your choice to the person who comes up with the name, so think good and hard. Or think small and cozy. Whatever works for you.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what my little place looks like, I’ve posted about it here and here.

Leave your ideas in the comments, and I’ll pick a winner Friday.



  • I think you should call it Avalon… the mystical island where the sword Excalibur was forged, and the wounded King Arthur even now is receiving rest and healing so that he can return to England and bring justice at last!

  • I think you have a lot of great names already, and I’m not sure if you’ve already decided but my suggestion would be to make the name _(fill in the blank)_ Gables, since you have a lovely gable in your LR (and, you know, as a nod to Lucy Maud Montgomery).

    If I were to suggest a first name, I’d say maybe Dewey Gables or Carrel Gables.

  • Oops…forgot to include this link:

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